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Ahead of the Curve:
Architectural Solar and 
How to Pay For It

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CleanFund, Solaria, and the "founding father of LEED", Rob Watson, joined in conversation on technology and finance innovations transforming the market and driving growth for green buildings. The panelists reviewed an example project to outline the design and finance processes, and revealed how SolarPACE will enable architects and developers to access BIPV and meet demands for sustainable building.

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Key Features of SolarPACE

Long-term, 100% financing that matches the life of a solar PV system

Tax incentives of PV system ownership can be directly captured by property owner

Positive cash flows, immediately and increasing over time

Automatic transfer of financing to new owner upon a sale of property

Shared benefits between owners and single or multiple tenants in leased properties

How SolarPACE works

SolarPACE is based on state and local government programs that allow property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing to be recorded as a special property tax assessment.

PACE programs rely on capital providers like CleanFund to finance environmentally beneficial construction projects. This allows property owners to repay the financing along with their ordinary property tax payments.

CleanFund has used its deep experience in real estate, finance, and clean energy to optimize SolarPACE financing specifically for commercial property owners. SolarPACE financing approval is based primarily on the value of the property, not on the credit of a business or property owner.

SolarPACE Advantages vs Traditional Solar Financing

CleanFund / Solaria Partnership

SolarPACE Partnership

Solaria, global leader in architectural solar technologies, and CleanFund, leading Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financier formed a PACE Financing partnership that aims to accelerate the integration of solar technologies into the building skin, by providing commercial building owners access to the Solaria product line with all the benefits and flexibility of PACE financing.