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We are excited to share this tool with our partners to ensure
your clients get the best financing solution for their project.

Reach out to your CleanFund representative or to review project economics you have
run through the calculator!

Download the
SolarPACE Calculator

The SolarPACE Calculator allows you to:

  1. Model SolarPACE with direct ownership or a PPA structure
  2. Model solar and solar + storage projects
  3. Customize payment schedules
  4. Calculate quick project economics for your customers

September 28, 2017:

Brandon Deno, VP of Solar, introduced the SolarPACE Network to the SolarPACE Calculator in a 30-minute webinar. The below recording and slides offer an overview of the tool and its functionalities to support you in running project economics.

WEBINAR: Modeling New Solar Economics (Feb. 2018)

Watch the recording below as Brandon Deno, VP of Solar, offers up the February SolarPACE update on:
  1. Effects of tax reform and the Section 201 tariff on commercial solar project economics
  2. How the flexibility of SolarPACE financing can improve project economics
  3. Using the SolarPACE calculator to model solar and solar + storage projects (demo)